Launceston Street Pastors

Launceston Street Pastors

What is a Street Pastor?

A Street Pastor is a Christian with a real concern for people, who is willing to engage with them where they are, in the places they hang out – be it on the streets, in the pubs and clubs or at parties etc.  As Christians, we are proud of the fact that we follow Jesus, who also spent the vast majority of his time among people on the streets – listening to them, caring for them, healing their hurts, and loving them without pre-conditions.

Street Pastors come from all sorts of different Christian churches – so anyone from any Christian church can join. We work with community leaders, and with agencies and projects, both statutory and voluntary, in order to find ways of addressing issues affecting young people that will help prevent harm and build trust and good relationships.

Launceston Street Pastors

We are indebted to Jenny Hill, who passed on to a better life in July, for the passion and vision she had for Street Pastors, without her, I am sure we would not be where we are today.

Launceston Street Pastors saw its first fledged prayer and street pastors comissionsed in a service on Saturday 27th July 2013.  The service was held at Launceston Central Methodist Church and members of the community, churches, police and civic representatives came together to worship and celebrate this wonderful event.

After the service and refreshments, team members went around the town, meeting and fermilarising themselves with those involved in the NTE, the night time economy.

The Street Pastors will be working in teams of three, with each team out once every four weeks on a Saturday night from 22:00– around 1.00 supported back at our base, by 2 or 3 Prayer Pastors, who will be praying for the team on the streets and for the situations they encounter.

Prayer is a vital part of Street Pastors; without Prayer Pastors the teams will not go out on the street. The street teams contact the base every 10 – 15 minutes to keep the Prayer Pastors aware of all that is going on.

From our team of churches we have 1 Street Pastors, Christine Stone.

If you would like either of them to come to visit your church, home group or meeting to talk about the work of Street Pastors, or feel that you could support us financially, please get in touch. Revd Heather West 01566 770 649

Each week the names of the team will appear here, and it is my hope that you will support them by praying for them, not only on Saturday night but also in the days before their shift.

This week we do not have a team out, but please pray for more volunteers

Team for Saturday

Kevin, Sally, Bill, Jane, Mike

please pray and give thanks we will be putting a team on every Saturday

also please continued to pray for all the volenteers and for those who may be thinking of becoming street and prayer pastors. yes



street pastors

       Street Pastors                                   Street and Prayers Pastors           Street Pastors with Commissioning
                                                                with civic leaders, police and                      Officer Ros Ede
                                                            members of the management team



Street Pastors is an initiative of the Ascension Trust. Charity number 1127204




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