Lewannick Church information


9.30 - 11.30


On the Frist Wedneday of each month there is a coffee morning in church open to all

At the same time some people are knitting some squares and other items for charity

Refrenshements and conversation open for eveyone


October 7th




A wodnerful afternoon was spent wandering around 8 very different gardens, some small, some large, some regimentally organised and some naturilsed. The rain which appeared to want to spoil the event was soon replaced by spelndid sunshine,

Thanks to all who opened their gardens and helped and especaily to Pat for the wodnerful refreshsments at the end. Some photos below of the wide spection of plants and gardens we saw.


Food Bank

There is a yellow Food Bank crate, located at the back of the church near the table where we have coffee. A list is attached to the side of it giving suggestions for food items that are suitable for inclusion. At each Family Service (4th Sunday in the month - see church services page - http://www.threeriversteam.org.uk/control/content/page.php?page_id=23) we bless the items that have been given, and these are then taken to Central Methodist in Launceston for distribution by the Food Bank. This meets a real need in the local area, and we see these gifts as given to God to provide for others, a way of sharing what we have.


Church Away Day

20 members of the congregation gathered at Coombshead on 24th May to talk and pray about the way forward for the church in Lewannick.

The day opened with worship and then two groups tackled the matter of ‘How do we see our church?’  they also completed a questionnaire entitled ‘Our church, millstone or spring board’ 

The groups then shared their discussions and views with each other,   After lunch, the groups tackled the questions of ‘ What do we want as the gathered people of God?’  and  finally the whole group looked at the question ‘How do we shape our ‘church’ to fulfil that mission?’ 

The day ended with a time of prayer and reflection on the day

Click here to down load the full report

Gathering for lunch

Having lunch at Coombshead

The group had such a good time, they all agreed that we would gather again later in the year for another one









On a very wet Thursday , I accompanied Chris up to the tower roof, to try so that he could try to unblock the gutter hooper.

After what felt like hours and was infact only about 20 minutes he managed to dig and rod the hopper so that the water drained away.  He also cleared the side hopped, which was blocked for about 3 feet.  To say the smell was intreasting is an understatement.


 The result is that we hope the tower will begin to dry out and that when the structural engineer comes to call he can advise us on the state of the tower and then we can make plans on how to move forward

Anne 15th August 2013









A merry band of church cleaners met on Tuesday 23rd July and worked earnestly to clean and tidy some of the more inaccessable areas of the church.

The north porch was cleared, cleaned and tidied and now looks much much better.

The tower proved to be a significant challange.

Around 20 bags of sticks, brought in by the birds as nesting material was removed from around the bells and surrounding area.  This was a real challange to the workers as the working space is extremely cramped and the dirt and debris made the process really unpleasant. Plus getting the rubbish down is no easy task, and the spiral staircase adds to making the whole process very interesting. crying  But the team worked extremely hard to clear it all. yes

 A well deserved rest smiley


Access round the bells is very limited but the debris has been removed.


The hope is now to place some new mesh over the louvres to prevent the birds getting in and to call in the stuructual engineer to inspect the bell frames and supporting beams.  We will then have some idea as to the cost of repairing the tower and getting the bells ringing once again.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful band of workers, and to those who provided refreshments to the thirsty workers.

And for those who made it to the tower roof the views were stunning.  heart






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