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Holy Well Walk

Despite appaling weather, and fallen trees, 15 intrepid walkers, made the trip to the Holy Well on Sunday 25th May after the service.  Leaving the church at 12.15 and guided by Carl Mayer, the group took the long way to the well as it was considered 'easier', which it may well have been if not for the large fallen tree and think mud !

But as with all good journeys, 13 managed to make it to the well, and all safely returned home, a few went via the pub for a well earned libation, and sharing of the tales of the walk.





We all decided that we would do it again, when the weather is better yes




Successful Annual Cream Tea -smiley
                                  dispite the weather. frown





Around 30 people gathered on the afternoon of Sunday 4th August, for the annual North Hill Cream Tea, church fund raiser.

Unfortunately the weather was not that kind to us, but the great group of helpers set up tables in church and the event went ahead.

Many thanks to those who bake, and helpd make the event such good fun and many thanks to all those who came yes


Some pictures taken during the afternoon.


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