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For some prayer is a formal matter, for others it is more flexible, for some it is a set defined practice for others it is more random and intuitive. Whatever it is, prayer is no more or less than opening up to God.  It can be a quiet gentle converstation or a brief fervent rant, but it is directed at God, and like all conversations, you should allow God time to respond, so sitting quietly while praying is essential.

Some people like to make up their own prayers others feel happier with something written by others and there are a multitude about, but below there are few that have brought comfort to some.

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Prayer of Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salavador,
this prayer was written as memorial to Oscar Romero, as a homily to him

It helps, now and then, to step back and take a long view.

The kingdom is not only beyond our efforts,
it is even beyond our vision.

We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction
of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work.
Nothing we do is complete, which is a way of saying
that the kingdom always lies beyond us.
No statement says all that could be said.
No prayer fully expresses our faith.
No confession brings perfection.
No pastoral visit brings wholeness.
No program accomplishes the church's mission.
No set of goals and objectives includes everything.

This is what we are about.
We plant the seeds that one day will grow.
We water seeds already planted,
knowing that they hold future promise.

We lay foundations that will need further development.
We provide yeast that produces far beyond our capabilities.

We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation
in realizing that. This enables us to do something,
and to do it very well. It may be incomplete,
but it is a beginning, a step along the way,
an opportunity for the Lord's grace to enter and do the rest.

We may never see the end results, but that is the difference
between the master builder and the worker.

We are workers, not master builders; ministers, not messiahs.
We are prophets of a future not our own.


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.


Lord, make us instruments of your peace;

where there is hatred, let us sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

where there is sadness, joy,

through Jesus Christ, our Saviour Amen

Prayer of St Teresa of Avila

Christ has no body now, but yours.
No hands, no feet on earth, but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which he looks
With compassion on this world.

Let nothing disturb you.
Let nothing frighten you.
All things pass away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Those who have God
Find they lack nothing;
God alone suffices.

A Prayer of St Benedict (480-547)

Gracious and holy Father,
please give me:

intellect to understand you;
reason to discern you;
diligence to seek you;
wisdom to find you;
a spirit to know you;
a heart to meditate upon you;
ears to hear you;
eyes to see you;
a tongue to proclaim you;
a way of life pleasing to you;
patience to wait for you;
and perseverance to look for you.

May the love of the Lord Jesus draw you to himself,
May the power of the Lord Jesus strengthen you in his service,
May the joy of the Lord Jesus fill your soul,
May the blessing of God almighty the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be with you and remain with you and those you love this day and evermore. Amen


Prayer - Meditation
Based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

The Scriptures say “Love is patient.”
God, how can I be patient when I experience injustice?
God, teach me to patient without being silent or inactive.

The Scriptures say “Love is kind.”
God, how can I be kind as I confront what is evil?”
God, teach me to love my enemy.

The Scriptures say “Love is not jealous.”
God, how can I not be jealous
of those who have so much wealth or power or control?
God, teach me to keep my values straight.

The Scriptures say “Love is not pompous.”
God, how can I not be pompous when I am speaking truth
to those who seem so wrong?
God, teach me to know how to both speak and listen.

The Scriptures say “Love is not inflated.”
God, how can I not be inflated with righteousness in the cause of justice?
God, teach me to know my limits, that I make mistakes
and that I don’t always see clearly.

The Scriptures say “Love is not rude.”
God, how can I be gracious but also committed to what is right?
God, teach me to respect all my sisters and brothers.

The Scriptures say “Love does not seek its own interests.”
God, how can I move beyond my own limits and desires and needs?
God, teach me to understand the needs and perspectives of others, especially the poor.

The Scriptures say “Love is not quick-tempered.”
God, how can I learn from my anger?
God, teach me to learn from my strongest emotions.

The Scriptures say “Love does not brood over injury.”
God, how can I not get discouraged by all the hurts and injuries in our world?
God, teach me to move forward and get into action for what is right.

The Scriptures say “Love does not rejoice over wrongdoing
but rejoices with the truth.”
God, how can I stop thinking of what helps my side to win
and the other side to lose?
God, teach me to practice a love that wants the truth to win for all people.

The Scriptures say “Love bears all things.”
God, how can I bear the stress of trying so hard to do what is right?
God, teach me to let go and to trust in your wisdom.

The Scriptures say “Love believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.”
God, how can I possibly love?
God, teach me that I don’t love alone,
But rather in community with you and with all my sisters and brothers.

The Scriptures say “love never fails.”
God, how is it that I sometimes feel failure? How can I believe?
God, teach me to love with a heart as big as the world
And to receive love and help with a big a heart.

Dialogued Prayer on the Beatitudes

Based on Matthew’s version, Mt. 5:1-12

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
Keep us from being preoccupied with money and worldly goods, and with trying to increase them at the expense of justice.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth."
Help us not to be ruthless with one another, and to eliminate the discord and violence that exists in the world around us.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."
Let us not be impatient under our own burdens and unconcerned about the burdens of others.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be filled."
Make us thirst for you, the fountain of all holiness, and actively spread your influence in our private lives and in society.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy."
Grant that we may be quick to forgive and slow to condemn.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God."
Free us from our senses and our evil desires, and help us to fix our eyes on you.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."
Aid us to make peace in our families, in our country, and in the world.

Lord Jesus, you said,
"Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of justice,
for the kingdom of heaven in theirs."
Make us willing to suffer for the sake of right rather than to practice injustice; and do not let us discriminate against our neighbours and oppress and persecute them. AMEN

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