Prayer Triplets


What are Prayer Triplets?

A prayer triplet consists of a small group, usually three to five members who undertake to meet on a regular basis to pray together and is an exciting extension to the church’s prayer life.

A group of three to five is best because it creates a situation where people feel free to participate and be themselves. In such a small group: mutual trust, accountability and self confidence are created; every person's need can be attended to; and the individuals can be cared for. They also provide an opportunity to enjoy fellowship, spend time with God and offer a chance to share the issues that concern their lives with close fellow Christians.

Where do they meet?

The meetings are held at the home of one of the members and are very informal.

How often do they meet?

There are no set rules, some groups meet weekly some monthly, some due to distance meet infrequently but maintain contact via the net and all agree to pray at a set time even when they are not together.  The important point is that the group set the pattern  and commit it seeing prayer time together as a priority.

What do they pray for?

Prayer triplets can pray for anything but this may include subjects that need to remain confidential within the group.


In order to work well, prayer triplets take discipline, dedication and commitment... but it’s worth it! In praying together like this, relationships with each other are strengthened, our relationship with God grows deeper and our impact on the community and world are greater than we could ask for or imagine!


God answers prayer

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