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Lent is a time for reflection and contemplation a time when we consider the sacrifice both God and Jesus would need to make over the next few weeks. A sacrifice that would end in the death of Jesus on a cross and the sacrifice of God to see a world he had created and a people he had nurtured turn and kill his anointed Son, the promised Messiah.

Lent has become a time when people consider fasting, or in modern terms “I will give it up for Lent”. People tend to give up things that consider a luxury in their lives, Chocolate, Sweets or those special treats.

We here in the Benefice of the Three Rivers have a different challenge for you, we ask you to give up anger and impatience, to give up looking just at the things you want.

We ask you to give up some time……………….


Time for those who are hungry

Time for those who are homeless

Time for those who are lonely

Time for those who are suffering.

Most of all give up some time to God, spend a little time with him and He will show you how time can really be used.

To spend time with God just ask and He will be there to help you see the truth of how very much He loves you – unconditionally and forever.


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